Rules 2019



1. General
Hobby and senior leagues played in the IIHF rules in force in the game, as well as existing in SJL's competition rules. Below are the rules in force in addition to all the SJL's underground amateur and senior teams in matches. Each player must have a valid SJL's game passport in order to participate in the SJL's organized a series of activities.


2. teams, the game mode and investments

The four teams participate in the tournament. The tournament is played in conjunction with the beginning of the block so that the blocks teams play once against each other, ie each team will be three game. Ranking the beginning of the block is solved as follows: Profit = 2p, draw = 1p, loss = 0p. Points is equal to the order of counts: 1.reciprocal match goal 3.maked points 4 penalty minutes (less time penalties taken by the team achieves the best) 5. lottery

The initial block is played after the final (1st place and 2nd place). Play time is 1 x 40 minutes straight time. Time supplements are not allowed. Ice refurbishment carried out for every game. In the finals, where the actual game is tied at the end decide the winner by penalty shootout. The competition has three shooter, after which, if necessary, continue to the player at a time, until a solution. The same player gets to exclaim only once until the team all the field players are shoot. Initiation team will draw the match referee.

If a team is not a tournament schedule matches at the start ready to start, condemning it lost the match score of 5-0.

3. Equipment

Helmets and face protection

Only for ice hockey helmets are allowed. All helmets must be properly connected. The helmet must be made in 1985 or after (the burden of proof is the helmet user). Adult classes (including amateur and senior series) playing in regardless of age, always use at least a visor.

Neck Protector

Neck protectors are mandatory.

Goalie equipment

Hobby and senior classes may not play at all goalkeepers made of accessories that meet the requirements of the rule book 2002-2006.

4. Drop Shot

Drop shot is prohibited. Drop Shot boundary of the disc striking the ice with raised bat. Slap shot sentenced to a small penalty. If a player is bluffing and motions cue shot, the game is cut off and transferred to the start of the offending team defense area start point.

5. Tackling

Tackles is prohibited. Cutting in is allowed, the determining factor is the same skating direction.

Add to tackle, tackle from the back of the head and tackles

challenge, tackling to the back and head against the tackles condemned the referee's discretion, a big penalty and an automatic game penalty to fraud or match penalty. If the opponent is injured, condemning the match penalty (45 min).

5. High- sticking playing

High-sticking playing compliance with the normal high club rules.

6. Small penalties

A small amount of the penalty is 2 minutes (effective playing time) or 3 min. (Straight time). If a player receives a small penalty in the third match, he was removed from this match. A player receives a small penalty in the third suffers from someone else of the same team field player. A player is allowed to participate normally in the next match. Penalties that have been given the rule "Delay of game - the disc went" under not included in this amount, nor a situation in which the player's infraction of the rules result in a penalty shot.

Small conduct penalties

The referee has the discretion to determine the behavior of a small penalty (2 minutes) or behavior penalty (10 min). Small conduct penalty affects the number of players on the ice in the same way as a small penalty.

 7. Behavior Penalties (10 min.)

If a player receives a match penalty behavior (10 min.), The player gets to choose elimination of the match or will he suffer the penalty bench to serve his sentence. If the player chooses the exit, he can no longer return to the question. match and he has to leave the locker room. 

8. Large penalties, games and match penalties

Great penalty amounting to 5 min (effective playing time) or 8 min. (Straight time). Great penalty (5 min) The player who receives automatically by the game penalty, behavior, and will be removed for the remainder of the match. Match Penalty The player is removed from the match. Match penalty also causes a 5-minute penalty kill. The team plays in a 5-minute short of time, but the penalty bench not to insert a substitute for serving the sentence. After 5 min. penalty has expired, the penalized player to put the team replacement player field. If a player gets a big penalty or a game penalty, he is automatically is suspended for one match up. Match penalty, the player is automatically received is suspended until a series of disciplinary body has taken a decision on the matter.

9. Simultaneous penalties

All the same for simultaneous penalties shall be replaced, that is, the game aims to play as many players in the field.

10. Goalie penalties

If a team has only one goalkeeper and he was sentenced to match the behavior of game penalty may be in breach of the goalkeeper to play the game to the end. If only the goalkeeper must match penalty, the goalkeeper is removed, and the team gets to put in place a field player.

11. Icing

Both teams are free to change the players long after the reel.

12. Insurance and accidents

Tournament organizers are not responsible for any accidents participating teams.

13. Referees

Games condemn SJL approved by the judges.

14. Schedule Changes

The tournament organizer has the right to change the schedule of matches, the duration and the ice runs if necessary.

15. The jury and protests

The jury consists of T*A*N*K*I*T people, and their team leaders concerned. Case of a tie the tournament master vote. The protest must be submitted in writing within five (5) minutes after the game ended. The protest fee is 100 euros, which will be refunded if the appeal is well founded.